Missing Labradors - Help find Blossom and Penny

On 18th April 2007 my two lovely black Labrador Retriever gitrls went missing from my secure garden. This blog is a collection of photos and updates in my search to get them back home safely

Friday, 11 May 2007

Latest postings and updates about the dogs are online on the excellent website www.doglost.co.uk which is run by dog lovers and a community of helpers.
To see Blossom's Dog Lost page and updates click here
To see Penelope's Dog Lost Page and updates click here
If you loose your dog I'd really recommend registering or if you love dogs you can become a helper too...

I am also keeping record of updates here on blogger.com at http://blossomandpennynews.blogspot.com/

My Missing Girls,

Pictured here are my missing Labrador Bitches, Penny on the left and Blossom on the Right.

They went missing from my secure garden in Dallinghoo, Suffolk (near Woodbridge and the A12/A14 roads) on the 18th April 2007.

I have created this blog in the hope that more pictures may help to jog memories or be of use to those who may find them.

Although taken together, we think that the dogs may be separated by now, so I have tried to tell you more about them below and include pictures that I hope show what they look like (as Black Labs can if you don't know them!).

All about Blossom

Blossom is a Six year old spayed female who is of broader build and has a small flash of white fur on her chest between her front legs (see image left - click to enlarge).

Blossom has a quiet, sensitive and calm personality. She can be quite reserved and can be overshadowed by her livelier young companion (Penny). She rarely barks, but will often respond to being talked to with low "grunting" sounds.

Blossom is often lame with her right elbow and requires injections of Cartrophen and usually takes daily doses of Cosequin from the vets as treatment. Blossom has an identichip registered to her address and owner.

About Penelope

Penelope is a two year old spayed girl and is Blossom's "sister" and companion. Penny is of slighter build and has a longer thinner face and snout. Despite being black she often appears to have a brown tinge to her fur in warmer weather.

She is a lovely friendly girl and is always happy and enthusiastic. She is not at all shy and is more prone to bark at noises and people in comparison to Blossom. She is very athletic full of energy, loves running and jumping.

Penny has an identichip with the current address and details of her owner.

(Left: Penny having a drink, notice her brown colouring in certain light taken in hot weather last summer)

Photo Gallery of the girls

(Above: Blossom by the River Deben)

(Above: Blossom & Penny enjoying a walk)

(Above: Swimming as they love best)

The Latest Poster Image is below:

**New Poster**

We have updated our posters with the latest news about the blog and to emphases the reward for the girls return and that they may be separated.

We'll be sending them to as many vets, helpers and friends as possible.